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    Public antipathy towards LGBT people is high, reflecting regional norms. This has eased somewhat since the s. Therefore, a certain degree of common-sense and caution is advisable, especially in major cities. Visitors should avoid coming to the attention of the Cuban police and security services. Drug laws can be harsh and their implementation unpredictable. The same may be said about the laws concerning prostitution. The importation, possession or production of pornography is strictly prohibited. Tourists are generally advised not to involve themselves in the following three areas: It should be noted that there is very little tolerance amongst the authorities for any comments made against the Revolution, Fidel, Che, etc.

    As such, it is advisable not to make any such comments. Note that this type of solicitation is illegal in Cuba and most will leave you alone if you ignore them or politely say no for fear of police attention. If you do find yourself in a situation with a more relentless jinetero, tell them that you have been in the country for several weeks, that you are a student at the university or that you are from a third-world country which you could pass as a citizen of if you're white, Brazil usually works since it's a non-Spanish speaking country, Russia is another good example; Vietnam or Thailand works well if you're Oriental and they will probably leave you alone. Many rely on tourists who are unfamiliar with the system and comparatively rich, so ideally you should try to make an impression otherwise.

    Keep in mind that even if a tout scoops only a few CUCs from unsuspecting tourists a day, he or she will probably make as much as a doctor's monthly salary in just a matter of a week or two.

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